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The Alexey Stanin Charity Foundation
We want children to learn!
The Alexey Stanin Charity Foundation of Children's Aid is a non-profit organization established in November 2020.
The Foundation's main aim is to help gifted children from needy families to get well educated. Also, the Foundation provides aid to orphan institutions taking as a priority educational and post-orphanage training needs.
of Russian children live below poverty line, i.e. almost every fifth child of the country
is an average price for one year of college education
of school graduates won't have a chance to get state-funded place in college
According to Federal State Statistic Service
We believe that every talented child has the right to get good education no matter what level of well-being his or her family possesses. Thus, the child may promote development of his or her country and of the world.
Alexandra Kalinina
Education, intellectual and creative development of a child is a guarantee of successful socialization, foundation for future adult life and investment into modern society development. That is why we want children to learn! That is our mission.
Executive Director
We are eager to be involved into charity addressed to a particular person with his or her personal features, individual story and needs.
We create our common future with our own hands because investment into education and development of children is a long-term contribution to well-being of the whole society.
Belief in the future made with our own hands
We believe that equal approach to sharing social resources may lead to truly effective results: for example, more children would be able to get decent education and to develop their talents.
We know that each of us is responsible not only for his or her own well-being but for the other's well-being, too: that's how the civilized society functions. And we are ready to start with ourselves to take this responsibility.
Social responsibility
Our values
Charitable programs
Sprout of Life
The program is aimed at support of orphans, children deprived of parental care, children with disabilities raised at state institutions for children (centers of children's aid, boarding schools etc).
The program is aimed at assistance in getting education to children and youths from needy families and in distress.
Fly! We'll Help
Within this program the Foundation renders assistance to future school graduates in career guidance and in preparation to exams to enter the university, also in paying scholarships to those who enters.
Priority areas are education, development, socialization, post-orphanage training.
The program is aimed at support to institutions and organizations for children in the spheres of education (including sports education), culture (including physical culture), art, science, intellectual development of children and youths, their creative work etc.
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Alexey Stanin

My family is not rich, I got education all by myself and I know how hard it may be. My school grades were always good but my passing grade was not enough to enter the university so I had to try hard to look for money and pay for my education. If I had a chance to enter any charity program I could have got better education. That’s why I want to help children in similar situation so that they could focus their attention upon education. Moreover, the more educated citizens there are, the stronger the country is — for me it is also a significant reason.
Alexey Stanin is a Russian businessman who develops native industry and modern technical engineering. Alexey is interested in development of education, in revival of Russian industry and in leading the country to a higher technological level due to young educated specialists. Also, Alexey Stanin is a benefactor who takes private charitable initiatives of children's education, sport and hobby support.
Why did you choose charity? And why do you want to help children get education?
I see the need to help. I see that our society is not perfect: there are many gifted children who have no opportunity to get decent education and to develop their talents. While their talents may benefit to the society.

It took me some time to reach the idea of charity for education. I was inspired by the world’s history: it turned out that many great men became great due to third-party financial assistance. For example, mathematician and physicist Pierre-Simon de Laplace entered the university due to wealthy patrons as well as Immanuel Kant published his first physics work. Nobel prize winners Fleming and Rutherford got education due to scholarships etc. All these people made their contributions to development of science and of their countries. I want every child to have a springboard to the future. Because only developing one’s qualities he or she may become a freeman and to benefit his or her country.
The foundation is registered in Astrakhan Region. Why there? Are you going to work in Astrakhan only?
Astrakhan Region has no economic leadership positions, living standards are not high there. I would like to start with the regions where parents have no opportunity to provide their children with good education.

But the foundation will work throughout Russia because gifted children live in every region.
How can you see the foundation development in 2 years?
Our main goals for a couple years are to spread our activity to other regions and tell about the foundation to the wide audience. And of course to look for and to find children who need assistance and to help them develop their talents. I hope within 2 years we would be able to show examples of real help.
What do you think, what is necessary for the foundation to develop, work and really help its mentees?
We need more people interested in the very idea - we need more like-minded persons. We will try our best to develop the idea of supporting education for the needy children and we hope that more people will support us in it.
9A, Kapitana Safronova street, Trudfront village, Ikryaninsky district, Astrakhanskaya region, Russian Federation
zip code 416 351

TIN 3 025 038 273  IEC 302 501 001 
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